Barkley says Embiid kick was worse than Draymond stomp

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The 2023 NBA Playoffs just started but the league has already seen players become more physical during the postseason.

Draymond Green was recently suspended by the NBA for stomping on Sacramento Kings’ center Domantas Sabonis in Game 2 of the Kings-Warriors series.

Just a day later, Joel Embiid was caught kicking Nicolas Claxton in the groin during Game 3 of Philadelphia’s first-round matchup against the Brooklyn Nets.

Check out the video below.

Barkley Believes Embiid’s Kick Was Worse Than Green’s Stomp

After the game, TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley was unhappy with how the referees and the NBA have handled the increased physicality during the playoffs.

Not only did Barkley defend Green but he also believed that Embiid’s kick was more egregious of an act than Green stomping on Sabonis’ chest.

Barkley wasn’t alone in his assessment. Shaq was quick to agree, saying “Thank you” as Barkley was stating his case.

Check out what Barkley had to say below.:

Did James Harden Deserve To Be Ejected?

While Embiid was allowed to stay in the game after intentionally kicking Claxton, the NBA officials decided to come down harder on his teammate instead.

James Harden appeared to inadvertently punch Brooklyn Nets’ forward Royce O’Neal in the groin on a drive to the basket. Instead of assessing Harden with a common foul, he was issued a Flagrant 2 foul and ejected from the game.

Watch the clip below and decide for yourself if it warranted an ejection.

The 76ers went to on defeat the Nets 102-97 behind a clutch performance from Tyrese Maxey, who finished with 25 points and five 3-pointers in the win.

Embiid had 14 points and 10 rebounds while Harden added 21 points and five assists before being ejected.

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