Brian Windhorst tells Danny Green he might be traded, video, reaction, trade rumours, deadline

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Brian Windhorst pulls no punches.

The ESPN insider was holding court on ‘NBA Today’, talking about how the Grizzlies, currently ranked No. 1 in the Western Conference, have “upward mobility” because they haven’t been playing with their complete roster yet and could also add talent via trades.

One of their potential bargaining chips? Danny Green, who was sitting right next to him.

Sat, 17 Dec

Saturday December 17th

“They have extra draft picks and they have tradeable pieces, which, this is awkward, and sorry to say this, Danny, but he has an expiring contract,” Windhorst said.

Richard Jefferson laughed: “He’s right here!”

Green, meanwhile, said, “I understand the business.”

Windhorst continued unabated, speaking to Green. “I’ll ask you about your knee in a second, but one of the people that people are talking about, is if the Grizzlies want to upgrade, will they call [another team to offer] Danny Green and a draft pick?”

“Here’s the thing,” Windhorst continued. “The Grizzlies have drafted so well that they’re reluctant to give up their picks. And the Grizzlies have wanted veteran leaders — he has three rings, so it wouldn’t be simple, but I do think, I’m sorry to say, that you will hear your name in some trade conversations.”

Green took the rumours and innuendo in stride.

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“I’m not shocked,” Green said. “At this point in my career I hear my name [in trade rumours] quite often. It’s a blessing. I think I’m getting closer to returning to the court soon. We still have a little bit of time. We have a good group. I’m excited for them. I’m happy for them. They have drafted well, with Zaire Williams, David Roddy, Jake LaRavia. Those are some good pieces. I could see those guys growing into something special.

“So we’ll see the direction they go into, but I think they’re very comfortable where they’re at now, and hopefully Desmond Bane will be back in a couple weeks, and I think they want to see where we are with our team whole.”

Green has not yet played this season as he continues to rehab the torn ACL he suffered in May while playing with the 76ers.

This article first appeared on The New York Postand was reproduced with permission.

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