Benavidez vs Plant: Weigh-in results, video, photos, stare down

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David Benavidez and Caleb Plant both made weight today in Las Vegas, and comfortably so at that, it would appear.

Plant weighed in at 167.2, and Benavidez was at 166.8, both easily under the fight’s 168 lb limit.

Benavidez (26-0, 23 KO) will be defending the interim WBC super middleweight title, and both he and Plant (22-1, 13 KO) have talked a huge game coming into this fight, which continued on Friday.

The two had an intense stare down, jawing to one another with Plant putting his hand to Benavidez’s chin at the end, before the two were fully separated.

“We were just exchanging pleasantries, telling each other how much we like each other,” Plant joked. “He’s been talking a lot about how much he’s going to whip my ass. We’re gonna see tomorrow.”

“I win in fashion, get my hand raised in fashion,” Plant predicted.

“He tried to put his finger in my face and I had to push his ass back, but he knows what’s up,” Benavidez said. “His man’s gonna have to pick him up off the fuckin’ ground when he’s leaking all that blood.”

“It speaks for itself. I’m on weight, I’ve been on weight all week, and I’m ready to take this motherfucker’s head off,” he added.

Asked if the beef ends tomorrow, Benavidez replied, “Fuck no.”

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Benavidez vs Plant full weigh-in video

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