Cris Cyborg earns UD victory in second boxing fight

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Cris Cyborg earns a unanimous decision victory over Gabrielle Holloway.

MMA legend and current Bellator champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino (1-0) won her second professional boxing fight unanimously over Gabrielle Holloway (0-2). All three judges gave Justino the fight as the scorecards read 40-35,39-36 & 40-34. The 37-year-old Justino seemed comfortable in the ring but has some work to do if she wants to compete with the bigger names in the women’s division.

In the first round, Holloway had nothing for Justino as she was not active at all. Justino kept closing the gap while flicking out an occasional left jab and following it with a straight right hand. Towards the end of the round, Justino landed a big straight right hand which stunned Holloway. In the second round, Holloway seemed like she did not want to be in the ring with Justino. She clinched a lot and wasn’t motivated to exchange with Justino.

In the third round, Justino applied a ton of pressure, and toward the end of the round, she pinned Holloway onto the ropes and threw a double Left hook to the body, sending Holloway down to the canvas for the first knockdown of the fight. Holloway got up slowly but was able to finish the round as there were only seconds left.

Cris Cyborg impresses with a unanimous decision victory over Gabrielle Holloway

Justino tried to finish Holloway in the fourth round, but she mainly was chasing her down as Holloway was in straight survival mode. After chasing her around the ring and only landing a few punches, Justino was able to do enough to win the round and secure the victory on her US debut. After the fight, Justino admitted that all of this was new to her and that she still had a lot of work to do.

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