Leonard Ellerbe says Gervonta Davis simply better than Frank Martin

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During today’s final press conference for this weekend’s fight between Gervonta Davis and Frank Martin, Mayweather promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe took to the podium to explain to the public why Martin might be in over his head against Davis.

“Two things that kind of stand out to me over the last week or so that’s been said,” Ellerbe said. “One is coming from Frank Martin’s promoter, Errol Spence Jr. He says that Tank Davis is going to get dominated for 12 rounds. Dominated? Errol don’t believe that dumb sh-t, I can promise you that.

“And then Frank Martin says ‘oh, I’m gonna beat Tank’s ass.’ Okay. He’s in tremendous shape, we know Derrick got him in great shape because Derrick’s a phenomenal trainer. But let’s be real. For starters, in 2017 you know what Tank was doing? Tank became world champion. You know what Frank Martin was doing? He wasn’t even professional yet.

“So one thing about this boxing sh-t, you can’t skip steps. It’s something we call experience and you gain that over a period of time by fighting the top fighters and doing your thing. Again, I can’t say enough, I personally think Frank Martin is a good fighter. But there’s a difference between being good and being special.

“Everything that Frank Martin does good, Tank does better. And come Saturday night don’t blink, ‘cause this sh-t could be over early.”

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