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Nikita Tszyu has dropped a major hint on who his next rival will be, declaring a future about against Koen Mazoudier not a matter of if, “it’s when”.

Tszyu improved his overall record to 9-0 after comprehensively beating an absurdly tough Danilo Creati courtesy of a wide unanimous decision victory.

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The man dubbed ‘The Butcher’ did his utmost to put Creati away but, remarkably, the Italian wore all of Tszyu’s best shots and continued to push until the final bell.

But with Creati now in the rear view mirror, attention quickly turns to what’s next for Tszyu.

And that appears likely to be Mazoudier, who had a front-row seat to Tszyu’s ten-round beat down of Creati to retain the Australian super welterweight title.

No Limit CEO George Rose even revealed Mazoudier “had a few words” with Tszyu as he made his way back to the locker room after the fight while also name-dropping Brock Jarvis as another option.

“Brock Jarvis has had a lot to say leading up to Nikita’s fight,” Rose said during the post-fight press conference.

“Brock’s looking at coming into the super welterweight division, making it even more stacked than what it already was.

‘RUTHLESS’: Tszyu shows his brutality as brave rival delivers late scare in first title defence

Tszyu comfortably overcame Creati. Picture: No Limit BoxingSource: Supplied

“But I think there’s a real energy with Koen Mazoudier as well. It’s great that those fights are sitting there.”

It was initially anticipated Mazoudier would have fought Tszyu instead of Creati at the Hordern Pavilion on Wednesday night.

However, Mazoudier sustained a perforated eardrum during his victory over Travis Druce on March 13 which meant a period out of the ring.

Tszyu insists it would be “great” to have a fight against Mazoudier and even revealed the fight is one that’s been in the works before they were even professionals.

“I like Koen as a guy,” Tszyu said.

“We were meant to fight in the amateur days, so it’ll be good to finally get it going.”

Tszyu also revealed what Mazoudier had to say to him as he made his way back to the locker room.

“I think along the lines of, ‘Let’s get it going,’” Tszyu said.

“Whenever we’re both ready, we’ll do it. It’s not if, it’s when.”

Mazoudier looms as Nikita Tszyu’s next rival. Picture: No Limit Boxing / Brett CostelloSource: Supplied

Although there’s plenty of anticipation as to when and who Tszyu will fight next, he was quick to pump the brakes on a short turnaround.

“I’ve got some injuries I’ve got to fix up beforehand,” Tszyu said.

“My left knuckle hurts. It’s been hurting since (Jack) Brubaker.”

However, Tszyu’s pain from some longstanding injuries could be eased after Rose revealed the headliner has all but secured a portion of the $20k performance bonus.

The curse of Rose’s bonus struck again, with no fighter able to secure a proper knockout whenever the No Limit boss stumps up the cash.

However, three performances, including Tszyu’s, caught Rose’s eye.

“I think if we’re talking performances, early on I thought Jazzy Parr put on a great performance,” Rose said.

“Mateo (Tapia) stepped in the ring and I thought that was a great fight, a really high level, world class fight. And I thought Nikita’s was also a world class fight.

“So if I was going to look at who deserved it, I’d probably split it between Mateo and Nikita.”

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