Ryan Garcia: Tank Davis is scared, never asked for early VADA testing

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Ryan Garcia has responded to Gervonta “Tank” Davis saying that Garcia is “definitely on something” after seeing a recent photo, and also Davis’ claim that Garcia’s team turned down early VADA testing for their planned April 2023 fight.

As you’d expect, Garcia denies being “on something,” and also says Davis’ team in fact never asked for extra testing for the fight.

The contract, it should be noted, is a done deal, with Apr. 15 in Las Vegas the planned date.

“I don’t even take supplements,” Garcia said. “Also, they never asked to do an early VADA testing. I’d be willing to do whatever testing someone wants to do. I already accepted everything you wanted. Why wouldn’t I accept that?”

Davis will return to the ring on Jan. 7, headlining a Showtime PPV against Hector Luis Garcia in a lightweight bout. Garcia has said he also plans to fight in January.

The Tank vs Ryan fight is slated to be held at a 136 lb contract weight, if it happens.

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