Sean Gibbons talks Manny Pacquiao’s exhibition on December 10

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Sean Gibbons, who works with Manny Pacquiao as part of his team, talks to Lance Pugmire about Pacquaio’s impending return for a December exhibition fight against DK Yoo as well as answering questions about any possibility of Pacqiuao fighting professionally again.

Gibbons says that Pacquiao is really only interested in feeling out this particular outing before committing to doing anything else, and expresses his excitement from a fan’s perspective on what it’s like to be around a Pacquiao camp.

Sean Gibbons on Pacquiao’s next appearance in the ring

“It’ll be December 10th in Seoul, South Korea, and basically what Manny’s doing is raising money for his foundation to build houses, gonna be some donation to the Ukraine for the effort there and the people. So this is like a six, two-minute round exhibition with a guy named DK Yoo who’s in his field, karate, is a legendary guy. So it’s boxing, there’s no kicking or anything, but he likes to test his skills against world class guys.

“Manny’s a little like Floyd. He still feels like he’s got a lot to give and he still wants to fight and do things, so I think these exhibitions are wonderful for fighters like Floyd, fighters like Manny. Me, as a fan, I want to see Manny, I want to be around Manny. I miss the days of going up to Griffith Park and 200 people, and 100 people at the house, and 80 at the gym. You just never see that again so you hate to let it go.”

On if there’s a chance Pacquiao fights professionally again

“All that he said was that he wants to see what happens Dec. 10, wants a test run to see how he feels — because he’s training like this is Mike Tyson, he’s not training just like he’s doing an exhibition.”

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