Tank davis Is a no show for grand arrival with frank Martin

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By: Sean Crose

Gervonta “Tank” Davis didn’t show up for the Grand Arrival at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas today as scheduled. Davis was supposed to pretty much be the main attraction of Tuesday’s event, which was meant as a high profile affair in the lead up to Saturday’s pay per view bout against Frank Martin. Instead, Davis didn’t arrive at all. “I want to apologize to the fans that he (Davis) can’t make it at this moment because he’s been delayed,” Davis’ trainer Calvin Ford told the gathered audience.

“It is what it is,” Ford said afterward, courtesy of Fight Hub TV. With that in mind, Ford assured the media that nothing is wrong with Davis, and that everything is good leading up to Saturday’s bout. One would certainly hope so, as Davis hasn’t fought in over a year. Still, Davis has a reputation for showing up for battle well prepared and ready for action. It’s unlikely that won’t be the case once more Saturday at the MGM Grand.

The simple truth is that Davis is one of the top draws of the fight game. Fast, disciplined, and hard hitting, the Baltimore native has yet to lose a single fight. What’s more, all but two of the man’s 29 bouts have ended within the distance. Davis’ last battle, a legitimate 2023 superfight between himself and the popular Ryan Garcia, ended up with Garcia being knocked out in seven.

Although Martin isn’t as popular or lauded as Garcia is, it’s worth nothing that he’s an undefeated fighter himself, having earned a record of 18-0. What’s more, the man can hit and is confident heading into this weekend’s bout. Davis may indeed be the favorite on the eve of Saturday’s fight, but it would be wring to write off Martin. This is the chance of a lifetime for the Indianapolis based challenger, and it’s doubtful Martin won’t show up to make the most of it.

While Davis-Martin may not be a superfight along the lines of Davis’ battle against Garcia, it’s a fight worth watching nonetheless, one between a popular, respected champion and a rising hungry contender. The WBA title fight deserved a grand arrival, one with Davis being present. Fight fans rarely get what they want, however. Hopefully they’ll get a good match this Saturday night in Vegas. The bout has the mark of quality, after all. At least it certainly does on paper.

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