Who wins Tank Davis vs Frank Martin? Experts predict the winner

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Gervonta “Tank” Davis returns to the ring on Saturday to face Frank Martin in a Premier Boxing Champions pay-per-view main event.

Tank will be defending his WBA lightweight title in the fight, and we’ll also have plenty more action this weekend.

We’ve got our predictions in for Tank vs Frank and much more! Read on!

Who wins Gervonta “Tank” Davis vs Frank Martin?

Scott Christ (27-5)

As an aside: After a 4-1 set in Riyadh on June 1, where Wil and Patrick had rough 1-4s and John went 3-2, I’ve opened a sizable lead in our “standings.” This is a lot of pressure that I’m not used to dealing with because I’m usually scrapping for respectability at best. So if you’re remotely interested in this aspect of these posts, keep an eye on how I might start totally screwing it up no later than September.

I think Martin will be in this fight on the cards for a while. I expect Davis to be tentative and calculating, as he pretty much always is, and he’ll feel out Martin’s speed, timing, and defensive responsibility for half the scheduled distance. But Tank has the game-changing power, and Martin doesn’t. It will make the ultimate difference, but it won’t be the only thing. Tank’s just a better fighter. Davis TKO-10

Wil Esco (20-12)

I have already alluded to this in some previous posts but while Martin will come into this fight focused and in shape, I think the experience disparity will play a part in this fight. I think this is important because Martin isn’t a really big puncher so this fight will likely make its way into the back half. Once we start getting to the later rounds I believe Tank will have already started to wear on Martin and it will be a matter of time before he gets caught with a big one that spells the end for Martin. Basically, I think Martin hangs tough early and gets drummed out late. Davis TKO-9

John Hansen (21-11)

Tank Davis is an eye test great, but his fame and financial leverage make his greatness mostly eye test only. He won’t fight anyone that’s a real threat unless it’s on inequitable terms or timing.

Frank Martin didn’t seem to really want this fight a year ago, but finances or a lack of other options have brought him to it now. Should we expect a shock upset in the matchup between the guy who didn’t want it in the first place and the guy who wouldn’t have taken it if there were any serious doubts about the outcome? No. Davis TKO-8

Patrick Stumberg (23-9)

I really think Martin’s going to make Davis work. His speed is among the best in the division, his jab is crisp, his body attack is nasty, and there’s no telling how Davis’ layoff and stint in jail will affect his performance. If Davis’ timing isn’t there, I can definitely see Martin building an insurmountable lead.

At the same time, it’s hard to get over how thoroughly Artem Harutyunyan blunted Martin’s offense with raw aggression. Davis isn’t that sort of swarmer, obviously, but that F**k-You Power of his puts the fear of God into people real quick.

I see this going somewhat like Davis’ fight with Garcia. Martin comes out hot and banks a few rounds before a big punch shells him up and gives Davis the breathing room he needs to find the killshot. Davis TKO-7

Quick Picks!

We’ve got a big set of them this week! On the list: David Benavidez vs Oleksandr Gvozdyk, Gary Antuanne Russell vs Alberto Puello, Carlos Adames vs Terrell Gausha, Subriel Matias vs Liam Paro, and Chris Billam-Smith vs Richard Riakporhe.

  • Scott: Benavidez TKO-10, Russell TKO-10, Adames UD-12, Matias TKO-6, Riakporhe TKO-9
  • Wil: Benavidez TKO-7, Russell TKO-6, Adames UD-12, Matias TKO-5, Riakporhe UD-12
  • John: Benavidez UD-12, Russell KO-9, Adames UD-12, Matias TKO-7, Billam-Smith MD-12
  • Patrick: Benavidez TKO-10, Russell SD-12, Adames UD-12, Matias RTD-9, Riakporhe TKO-4

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