3 Ways Cricketers Are Making Money

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Published on: Dec 02, 2022

Arthur Morris, the man, and legend behind Bradman’s unstoppable squad of the 1940s, was once asked why he left cricket. His response was a simple comment: “Poverty.” Any celebrated cricketer today, 80 years later, would give a dramatically different response to the same question.
These days, it is not even unusual to see numerous cricketers dabbling in new enterprises in order to make sure that they will have a good wage even after hanging up their gloves.

Indian Cricketers Endorsing Online Casinos

Though investing in a business is mostly lucrative, there is still homework to be done. The good thing is that there is a good amount of resources on the internet. For instance, those cricketers who’ve moved into investing in casinos can comparison sites such as Casinowings IN to get a good starting point by comparing multiple casino websites in India and finding the ideal one.

Investing in a casino is now regarded as a security deposit. There are many credible casino websites on the internet, many of which are either endorsed or stock-owned by some of the Indian cricket team’s players. Superstar cricketers like M.S. Dhoni, Sourav Ganguli, and Virat Kohli have also been seen promoting casinos from time to time.

This economic excellence behind many of our favourite cricketers began 14 years ago with the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) cricketing revolution. Many cricketers have become some of the world’s highest-paid sportsmen as a result of such franchised cricket.

However, while the beginning of the IPL ensured great economic security for the cricketers, the opportunity to make a lot of money directly from the sport is slim, even if things are now looking very good for cricket players. Thus, we’ll see some other ways Indian cricketers are making money using the IPL face value.

Apparel Line is A Smart Option

Millions of people throughout the world idolise cricket players. Young people want to look like the players they idolise. Because of their prominence, cricketers have found it simpler to develop their own clothing lines.

Virat Kohli, India’s captain and perhaps the most famous cricketer in the world, has already capitalised on his reputation and performance on the field by developing a lucrative sportswear brand called Wrogn.

Investing In A Gym

Last but not least, investing in a gym is always a safe consideration for any cricketer. Besides, youth all across the world have grown more health concerned and have begun to flock to gyms in increasing numbers.

It has also generated a large commercial potential for those who wish to capitalise on this trend. Cricketers have the reputation and financial resources to invest in a gym. Former India captain MS Dhoni launched Sports Fit World Pvt. Ltd. a few years ago, with the goal of opening 200 gyms throughout the nation in five years.

Wrap Up

India is one of the countries that celebrates the game of cricket most vividly. It’s just something that brings Indians together more than anything in this world. Cricket is by far the most popular sporting activity in India, and some consider it a religion rather than a sport.

The rise of franchise cricket in this country was, thus, a game changer for Indian cricket and the economy. Most of the famous figures in the sport have racked up millions of dollars in earnings, and the future sure seems bright.

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