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Recently, it seems that Nacho Fernandez is something of a pessimist. In fact, it appears that the Real Madrid player may be something of an unbreakable pessimist. Fernandez seems to be quite unbreakable as far as his pessimism is concerned. 

In Ancient Rome, Santiago Posteguillo wrote a few heroic novels. These novels were all about individuals who did not give up. They were simply unbreakable and surrender was not an option for them. Nacho Fernandez may be seen as one of these unbreakable heroes. 

The Champions League 

The Champions League is hugely impacted by every single team and every single player. When someone such as Nacho Fernandez makes some pessimistic predictions, it can have an impact. The champions league predictions can be affected and as a result, bets can change. Gamblers everywhere pay a lot of attention to what players say. 

When a player as influential as Fernandez makes a comment, it can also affect what casinos offer in terms of odds. However, all of this just makes placing a bet even more exciting. Gone are the predictable outcomes of a match. Fernandez changes things up a little and this can only be a good thing. 

Exceptional Football Playing 

There’s no doubt about it, Nacho Fernandez played exceptionally well back in 2021. When Real Madrid played against Alavas in the LaLiga Santander campaign, the team played well. The result was a 41 victory that saw Carlo Ancelotti praising Fernandez. 

This score was just wonderful and resulted in Fernandez being thought of more favorably. It wasn’t just Ancelotti that saw Fernandez in a new light. Many of us football fans also did the same and quite rightly so. 

Optimists and Pessimists 

In fact, Ancelotti is quoted as saying that there are two types of defenders. One type are pessimists and the others are optimists. The coach went on to say that Nacho Fernandez is something of a pessimist. This is not anything new and as far as Fernandez’s admirers are concerned, it’s been clear that he’s a pessimist for a long time. 

The Benefits of Pessimism 

One of the benefits of pessimism is that it can come with a few rewards. Carlo Ancelotti is someone who knows this all too well. In fact, he went so far as to say that as Fernandez is a pessimist, he concentrates for 90 minutes

It is thought that Nacho Fernandez assumes that something bad is going to happen during a football match. Therefore, the central defender works hard to deal with anything adverse that could happen. As a result, the match is likely to go in his team’s favor. 

The Captain’s Armband 

It seems quite fitting that the player who’s in his 30s wears the captain’s armband. This shows just how good Fernandez is. In 2021, he was in his 12th season. It was very clear then, as it is now, that he was starting to reap some rewards. 

Nacho Fernandez has had a long and often difficult time at Real Madrid. However, his hard work has clearly started to pay off. Fernandez is being rewarded now. It’s a shame that this player had to wait so long to reap his rewards. However, we’re now seeing genuine evidence of his hard work, and all credit to him. 

Something Of An Understudy 

Recently, Nacho Fernandez has been something of an understudy, the central defender was second best to a few players. It seemed that he was behind Pepe, Raphael Varane, and Sergio Ramos. It also seemed as though Fernandez was trying to find a place in the team. However, he struggled to do just that, until now. Now, it’s very clear Fernandez has a very meaningful place and we’re happy with this. 

A Few Offers 

Fernandez has had a few offers come his way. He received offers from Roma and Galatasaray. However, the player stayed at Real Madrid in the hope that his luck might change one day. It seems that it did change and now, Fernandez really is someone to keep an eye on. 

It seems that Nacho Fernandez’s pessimism has paid off. While it has clearly taken over a decade for him to reap the rewards, the player’s time has come. All we need to do now is wait and see what his future will bring. Perhaps other players need to take a leap out of Fernandez’s book and be more pessimistic. After all, in Nacho’s case, it has led to some great results for the team. Let’s hope this continues. 

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