Chelsea making best use of World Cup break

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The World Cup continues, and domestic football seems like a faraway thing. We still have to wait until the end of December for club football to return.

And as we approach Christmas time, it feels all that bit more stranger that there is currently a World Cup going on, and no domestic football. But it’s OK though. In fact, for Chelsea, it’s more than OK. We have had the vital chance to rest and reset at what has been a very tough time of poor performances and results. I think the fans have even needed this break.

But the reason that it is so good more than anything else, is because we are having this chance to get our key injured players back to full health, and we are not missing any further games without them.

As you can see below, players such as Reece James, Wesley Fofana, and Ben Chilwell, are all doing well with their recovery. And if it was a normal year without World Cup football, all three of these key players would be missing a handful of important games, so at least they aren’t doing that now and there is optimism they will soon be back. Chelsea need these guys back, badly.

They also need N’Golo Kante, but it sounds like we may need to wait a little longer for him yet. But even still, as Chelsea returned to training this week after the senior players had a mid-season break and holiday, you can only see huge positives from this.

All these players, bar any at the World Cup, will not only have a great chance to rest, they will also have a great chance to get themselves into top condition again.

We are going to need all of these players at their very best and fully recovered for what will be a long second half of the season for Graham Potter and Chelsea.

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