‘Knows Ball’ ‘Might Not Be Such A Bad Lad After All’ Fans Praise Liverpool Player After Waxing Lyrical About City Playmaker

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Liverpool fullback Trent Alexander-Arnold has labelled Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne as the “best midfielder in the world.”

The England international even went as far as to say the Belgian international could be among the greatest to have ever played in the Premier League:

“Best midfielder in the world, hands down. For me, somehow he keeps trying to sneak into my top three Premier League midfielders ever really. I’ve never seen someone be able to create like he does, he will go down as one of the best midfielders in Premier League history.”

Unsurprisingly, City fans on Twitter were in total agreement with Alexander-Arnold’s comments, and there were even a few who decided to praise the Reds defender:

De Bruyne’s place in the history books wasn’t in dispute anyway but, when a rival player rates you so highly, it’s clear that the 31-year-old has a special standing in the game.

The playmaker has won four league titles and he is just five away from a century of assists in the English top flight, having made only 224 appearances.

De Bruyne already deserves legendary status but he will likely add more achievements to his illustrious career at the Etihad over the coming years.

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