Premier League star being investigated by the police after allegedly smashing his car through roadblocks

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Police are looking into Everton star Andros Townsend after he allegedly smashed through roadblocks while swearing and screaming, “I need to get to my f***g house!”

According to report, the Premier League player crashed into a ‘manned tarmac spreader’ after being told he couldn’t drive to his house because the street was being resurfaced.

The staff was left shaken after the football refuse to wait or park his Range Rovers 5 mins away from his house and instead drove into the barrier hitting the ‘eight-wheel asphalt machine’ on the way.

According to The Sun’s sources, police are investigating into matter, and the former Crystal Palace winger could be charged with ‘dangerous driving’.

The source said:

“No one could believe their eyes. Andros, who was calmly commentating on our screens days earlier, was in a rage. The red mist descended.

“Contractors were tarmacking the road less than five minutes from his property. It was unfortunate timing when he pulled up at a road barrier. The tarmac was piping hot and being laid in front of him.

“It was impossible to drive a vehicle over the road. The workmen explained he could wait or park up and complete the short journey to his house on foot.

“But Andros wasn’t having that. He screamed, ‘I need to get to my f*****g house’. And with that he knocked over the barrier, stopping traffic, and drove down the side of the pavement in a bid to dodge the roadworks.

“But he was travelling at speed and his car hit a tarmac spreader. It was being driven by a worker, who was left in total shock.”

There were no reports of injuries, according to police, who added: “The driver of the car has been identified and spoken to, and inquiries are ongoing.”


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