Qatar’s mosques are a main attraction for soccer fans

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STORY: Mosques in Qatar have become one of

the main attractions for World Cup fans

(Sadat Anwar, Volunteer)

“Many people are interested, this what we expected and what we hoped for and many many fans are taking time out from soccer from watching the games to experience some of Qatari culture and we had a lot of visitors here at the Blue Mosque or the Katara Mosque. People are really interested in seeing the architecture, appreciating the beauty of the mosque and watching worshippers as they engage in one of the five daily prayers.”

Visitors can be seen observing

the muezzin calling for prayer

while others listen to volunteers talk about

mosque architecture and Qatari culture

(Maria Rodrigues, World Cup fan)

“Since I was a child I was always interested in religion and mostly Middle East religion. When we decided my family to come here in Qatar for the World Cup, we were very excited to know different mosques and the religion indeed. My feelings when I first get in mosque was I feel very comfortable, I feel safe.”

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