Tottenham season ticket holders sell seats to Arsenal fans for Manchester City game

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Arsenal fans are expected to sit in the home end at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Reuters/Ian Walton

Tottenham Hotspur season ticket holders have risked landing themselves in hot water by selling their seats to Arsenal fans for tonight’s game against Manchester City that could effectively decide the Premier League title race.

Telegraph Sport is aware of at least one group of Arsenal fans who plan to sit in the home end this evening after Tottenham season ticket holders agreed to electronically sell them their seats privately.

There has been debate over which team some Tottenham fans will support tonight, given the fact a win or draw for the home side would put Arsenal in the driving seat to win the title on the final day of the season.

That has evidently led to some Arsenal supporters taking drastic action and paying for seats in the home end so they can vocally support their club’s biggest rivals.

A member of a group of Arsenal fans who have bought seats from a Spurs season ticket holder for tonight’s game told Telegraph Sport: “We did it all on Monday. It took five minutes and it was easy. We didn’t have to pay for any membership or anything.”

Tottenham are confident that large numbers of Arsenal fans will not have been able to access tickets after closing membership to the club’s official ticket exchange last week.

But that has not stopped some Arsenal supporters, including the group known to Telegraph Sport, buying the seats off season ticket holders privately without Tottenham’s knowledge.

Given any Arsenal fans in the Tottenham areas of the ground will be supporting the home team, it may be impossible for officials or fellow fans to identify them.

But Tottenham will take a dim view of any cases that are brought to their attention, as season ticket holders are responsible for anybody they pass their seat to and are meant to do it through the official ‘ticket share’ platform.

The club reserve the right to take action against ticket holders who breach their terms and conditions, while individuals or groups could be refused entry or ejected if they are believed to have attempted to access an area of the stadium in which it is deemed they do not belong.

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