Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth beat Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy

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One club challenge time. Spieth: 4-iron. Thomas: 5-wood. Rory: 3-iron. Tiger: Undisclosed.

Jordan’s iron shot is waaaay right. JT’s 5-wood is perfect, but he’s gonna have to hit a creative shot for his second. Rory with 3-iron. Rope draw, perfect. Tiger with his mystery club. HOLY S***. 100-yard stinger draw.

Tiger’s second is ANOTHER ROPE DRAW. Short left, but in good shape. Spieth now. High cut around a tree. Short right. Rory from a divot. He’s in the woods. Not great. JT last. Way long, but it could have been worse. It hit a cart.

Jordan’s bump and run from the front races by the hole. Lengthy par putt coming. Rory from the pine needles (with a 3-iron). Short, but doable for a five. Tiger’s next. Long. Gonna be tough from there. JT (with Spieth holding a rope for him). Really nice. Little over five feet for par.

Tiger’s fourth is just okay. Putt for a five. Rory now. It’s great. But not conceded. Spieth’s putt is short. Tiger for five … nope. JT to win the hole … yessir.

Score: JT, Spieth 3 up

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