Lots on the line in Florida as Tropical Storm Nicole approaches

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Caroline Inglis tries not to look at the Race to CME Globe points list too often. She mostly leaves that to her husband. But earlier this year, when Inglis was No. 148 on the list, she panicked after realizing that she’d missed the deadline to sign up for Stage II of LPGA Q-School.

“I was freaking out,” said Inglis, who feared she wouldn’t have any status for 2023. “It’s just funny to look back on that.”

Now 99th on the CME points list, Inglis doesn’t need to worry about Stage 2, which was postponed due to Hurricane Ian and takes place next week in Venice, Florida. But she would like to stay inside the top 100, which essentially shores up full status for 2023.

While much of the attention will be paid to those trying to qualify for the season-ending CME Group Tour championship and the season-ending awards – and for good reason – those battling to finish in the top 100 have much to play for at this week’s Pelican Women’s Championship as well.

As if that’s not enough pressure, consider that Tropical Storm Nicole could wreak havoc on the week with heavy rain and strong wind. Tournament officials are prepared to move into Monday if necessary given that daylight is short for the 120-player field.

“It’s a very good test this week,” said Inglis, noting that she’s been learning how to focus on her process rather than what she can’t control – like the weather.

“I do have quite a bit on anxiety in general,” said Inglis. “I’m a very anxious person about certain things.”

She’s found ways to lower her anxiety levels, however, since she began working over the summer with Paul Dewland, a new sports psychologist Emma Talley recommended.

Inglis has posted three top-15 finishes in her last five starts since working with Dewland.

Dana Finkelstein ranks 120th on the points list. Two weeks ago, she launched a new side business making digital swing silhouettes. While admittedly not an artsy person, the idea came when she and boyfriend Henry Fall bought a new house in Mesa, Arizona. They started looking around Etsy for decoration ideas and didn’t like what they saw.

The new business helps keep Finkelstein’s mind busy on something other than golf, though she’s taking whatever happens this week in stride.

“For me, I’m on the outside looking in, so it’s kind of like a free week to go out and try to play the best I can,” said Finkelstein. “If I don’t, fine, I go to Q-School. If I do, I get a longer offseason.”

Those players who fall between Nos. 101 to 125 don’t lose LPGA status but are in Category 15 on the LPGA Priority List. They can go to Q-Series later this year to improve their status. The top 45 finishers from Q-Series fall in Category 14 and are listed in the order they finish.

The first player listed in Category 15 at the start of the 2022 season was Celine Herbin at No. 182. Consider that full-field events have 144 players or less, depending on daylight.

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