Nelly Korda receives high praise from Homa, Kisner

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NAPLES, Florida — It’s safe to say Nelly Korda made a strong impression Friday at Tiburon Golf Club.

For the first time in the event’s history, the QBE Shootout has two women in the field: Lexi Thompson and Korda. Thompson has played before, but Korda is making her appearance, playing with Denny McCarthy.

They played alongside Max Homa and Kevin Kisner during Friday’s first round, which was a scramble format. Korda and McCarthy are tied for fourth at 12 under heading into Saturday’s modified alternate shot portion.

Homa and Kisner, who are tied for second at 14 under, were asked about seeing Korda play in person for the first time. They were full of praise, both players saying they talked about her all day.

Here’s a great exchange between Homa and Kisner talking about Korda.

Kisner: “I think I called her the Tiger Woods of the LPGA Tour at one point. And then through about seven or eight holes I said she’s hit every shot just like she wants to for eight holes. Like does she hit a bad shot? I have no idea, I’ve never seen her hit a bad shot. We were laughing all day.”

Homa: “It was a little bit outrageous.”

Kisner: “She drove it down the middle.”

Homa: “She drove it down the middle on every hole, she almost hit the pin three times, hit it to like two inches on one par 4, then from way too far that next one, she almost hit the pin.”

Kisner: “Twenty-footer.”

Homa: “And chipped it great, so I don’t know how she does not win every week. It’s a testament to these other ladies that anyone can even sniff beating her because that was wildly impressive.”

Kisner: “I asked her out there if she wins every tournament.”

Homa: “She said no.”

Kisner: “She said no. I’m like, ‘I don’t believe you.’”

Homa: “Up for debate. She said Lydia gets them all. I think they would have a nice battle.”

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