Betting on Formula 1 online: top 5 winning advice

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Since the first race back in 1950, the racing sport has not been without its share of thrill and excitement: adrenaline-packed, a battle of the highest performing engine and a twist after every turn. Formula 1 racing as a sport provides the ideal betting options for any gamer interested in winning.

There are some fundamental considerations to keep in mind when making an F1 bet. The outcome is not only about who will take the podium position at the end of the race. There is the weather to consider; wet conditions and hot conditions also impact race outcomes.

There’s an option to either bet on who will win the season or just the race. Make sure you get a good bookmaker that has been around for some time and will be there by the end of the season.

Tips to Bet on Formula 1 to Win Money in Europe 

Europe has the most races on the F1 calendar. Gain as much information as possible if you’re a novice. Make sure you are familiar with the different circuits before you make a bet. This, your bookmaker and the weather will be some of the keys needed to make a profitable F1 bet.

Place Bets at Reliable EU Bookmakers 

Several reliable online bookmakers may say they offer Formula 1 betting, but not all are good to play in. Make sure they are licensed, have good reviews, have been around for some time, offer live game responsiveness,  have accessible online customer services, and use the latest encryption for secure betting. To start with, you can browse a list of EU bookmakers at NonStopCasino, then gradually expand your database of reliable bookies supporting betting on Formula 1.

Analyze Driver’s Lap Times on Different Circuits

A driver’s consistent performance through the season is a reliable determinant of their future performance.  Each circuit has unique obstacles, and a consistent driver shows strong performance. The driver’s performance shows mental focus, skill and desire to win the season. These results can translate themselves into their lap times around the track.

Check Driver’s Results in Different Weather Conditions

The driver’s good results in different weather conditions speak a great deal about their ability to outperform the car in these conditions.  Weather conditions can also be influenced by tyre selection which could result in them falling off the cliff. Poor weather conditions may result in poor visibility and thus increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Choose the Bet Type You Think Is Most Appropriate

Formula 1 is one of the most popular betting events in the world and, as such, has a developed system of different bets. There is a wide choice of possible bet types available for players who want to bet on Formula 1. These bets could be motivated by the driver, car, or team. The placed bet can be long-term or based on live events.

  • Race Winner. This is probably the most straightforward bet with the short odd off all the betting types. When a driver dominates a season, the odds against them losing are minimal.
  • Podium Finish. The bet is a pick as to which will be the top three winners of the race. The bet could also include which drivers will take the podium position at the beginning of the race.
  • Driver Matchup. This is all about team rivalries. Which driver will take podium position, fastest laps, best handling,  who will win the season, and the team to earn the most points in the season?
  • Winning Margin. There will always be predictions as to the margin between the two drivers. The margin between first and second place, team points, lap times, and more.
  • Proposition Bets. Qualifying rounds determine which teams will be where on the starting line. Teams always try to aim for other one-two positions to work together at fending off rivals.
  • Futures. The bet placed can be long-term as to who will win the season championship. The team that will earn the most points through the season.

Consider a Driver’s Starting Grid Position 

A podium start does not determine the driver’s success by the end of the race. Factors that affect racing conditions are the weather,  mechanical issues,  circuit conditions, and many other factors. Confidence by the driver can play an important role, but Formula 1 is a team sport.

Bet on Several Drivers Instead of Just One

You can spread your odds by betting on several drivers instead. Different drivers, different skills, and different cars. So, not all circuits are to be advantageous to just one driver. The best bet will be that the podium is fair game for any driver or team during the unpredictable season.


There is a lot of money generated by Formula 1. So, you must make careful and informed decisions when betting on this kind of sport because the stakes are high. There’s a bet on the driver and their performance throughout the season. Of the expected 22 annual races, the number of circuits they could win, with which margins and expected points earned for their team.

Car performance also becomes a determining factor. Whether it will perform well in certain weather conditions, the mechanical considerations across different circuits, and the ability of the mechanical team between pit stops. The fanfare of the circuits being around the world makes for the variety and excitement generated by the possibilities each turn and curve can unfold.

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