Red Bull can fix kerb-riding and keep car’s strengths

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Max Verstappen believes Red Bull can address its car’s key weakness without compromising its strengths.

The team have won six of the nine grands prix so far this year, all of which Verstappen has scored. However Verstappen has regularly complained about his car’s ride in recent races, notably in Monaco where he was confined to sixth place in qualifying and the race.

“We’re struggling a lot with the kerbing and the bumps,” said Verstappen after Sunday’s race. “So we definitely have an area we can work on and definitely improve the car by quite a big margin if we get that under control.”

However he is confident Red Bull won’t have to trade away what has made the RB20 so competitive in order to fix its biggest problem.

“I really think that we can solve this without influencing any other part of the car,” he said.

Verstappen described the car’s kerb-riding performance as “non-existent” in Sunday’s race. “We know that this is a weakness and I also know that we are flat-out working on it to try and fix it, because I really feel like it’s quite a big performance limitation for us at the moment.”

The upcoming races take place on circuits where aerodynamic performance are more important than ride, which should suit Red Bull better.

“Naturally I’m also looking forward to some tracks maybe where we don’t really need to take too many kerbs or too many bumps,” he said. “You can see already, every weekend so far, some teams are a bit stronger at particular tracks, and I guess that in a way, of course, makes it also very exciting.”

During Sunday’s race Verstappen told his team “the ride is very, very bad – it’s like a locked suspension again.” Following his win, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner referred to Verstappen’s regular description of his car’s ride, saying the result was: “Not bad for a kangaroo.”

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