Alexander Zverev’s golden hart to relaunch himself

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Alexander Zverev came back to talk about diabetes. The German tennis player, through the German press agency Deutsche Presse Agentur, had communicated the opening of a foundation in his name. In fact, the Alexander Zverev Foundation Aufschlag gegen Diabetes, which aims to promote projects focused on a correct, healthy and active lifestyle, and to provide medicines, including insulin, to children affected by this disease.

On that occasion, the former world number two had declared that he himself had diabetes, more precisely type 1: a discovery that took place when he was four years old. Zverev’s image has had some problems in recent years: first some controversies regarding some parties during the first covid wave, then the controversies related to the alleged mistreatment of his former girlfriend Olga Sharypova.

The image of the German champion has therefore had some problems in the last period. The nice gesture Zverev perpetuated with his foundation is also important in the rehabilitation of his young public image. He told: “When I was little I didn’t think about it much, then I started thinking about it more and more.

Now, many years later and with the success behind me, I feel comfortable enough to go public with this initiative. I am in the privileged position of leading the life I have always wanted to lead. I owe everything to my parents and my brother, who have always supported me unconditionally.

Now it is very important for me to give something back and help those affected on their way.”

Alexander Zverev supports diabetes patients

During the presentation of his foundation on Instagram, Zverev talked about the project, which starts from his personal experience: to become a professional athlete despite diabetes.

Zverev said: “Competitive athlete with diabetes? I was told I wouldn’t make it. Several doctors, several specialists reiterated that it was impossible. At one I said to myself: I’m number two in the world, I’m Olympic gold; I can help others deal with this problem.

I can encourage others, I can be the message on the subject of diabetes. I thought: I’m fine, I’m 25 and I can help other children and other relatives. I want to prove that anything is possible with diabetes. That’s why I made it public.”

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