Bianca Andreescu reflects on her physical condition

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Ups, downs, then ups, and heavy falls again. This could be summed up as the last two and a half years of Bianca Andreescu, former world number 4, who confessed in an interview with the WTA’s official website that she has had a really hard time humanly speaking.

During her in-depth talk granted to the microphones of the WTA’s official website, in which she eviscerated her malaise experienced over the past two and a half years, Bianca Andreescu revealed her decision, which she made by helping herself to some spiritual activities in Costa Rica such as yoga and exploring nature.

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“I realized that I love the sport and that I want to continue my career, not so much to win big titles, but to contribute to a better world. My tool to achieve this goal is tennis.

I feel I have taken enough time off. I miss that fire I feel when I compete, and now I can put into practice many of the things I have learned” , said the Canadian, who later admitted that she fell prey to media pressure.

“I was constantly under stress and I realized that I couldn’t go on like that, it wasn’t healthy. Even though I won, I was very hard on myself”.

Bianca Andreescu reached her first 2024 quarterfinal

Recently, Bianca Andreescu reached her first 2024 quarter-final: “It’s been ten months. It’s my second tournament back. I’m feeling good,” Andreescu said. “I had a great preseason, about 4 months, the longest preseason I’ve ever had. I think the work is really paying off. Physically, which is the most important thing for me, I’m pain free and feeling good.”

One of the most talented tennis players in recent years is undoubtedly Canadian Bianca Andreescu.

Winner of the US Open in 2019 at just 19 years old and there were huge expectations but injuries stopped her rise. “I have faced great challenges, difficult minds rather than victories and happy moments” – she stated.

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