Caroline Ruud shocks fans with a super low-necked bathing suit!

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Caroline Ruud, sister of the tennis player Casper Ruud, was featured in another unforgettable snap, which wowed her followers on social media. The beautiful girl was photographed as she came out of the water on a ladder, wearing a very low-cut and very sensual one-piece white bathing suit.

Here is the photo that shocked the fans:

Casper Ruud lashes out at haters: “They have no idea what tennis is”

A very harsh attack on the haters after the victory of the ATP 250 in Estoril. Casper Ruud found a smile and a lot of confidence on clay in Portugal, raising his first title of the 2023 season.

At the end of the final, conquered thanks to the clear success against the Serbian Miomir Kecmanovic, the Norwegian lashed out against the criticisms received continuously on social networks in the last period. He told: “You read a lot of stuff on the internet and 95% of it is written by people who have no idea what tennis is about.

They write what they want. It can be dangerous to spend a lot of time on social media. I am happy with my situation, with the tennis player and with the person I have become. I don’t need cameras around me all the time, there are already others who can do that.” The 24-year-old underlined an interesting aspect: “I’ve never been a prodigy of my generation.

That was more Zverev, then obviously Carlos Alcaraz who is an exceptional talent. They always had a lot of hype and they showed why. Tsitsipas is the same age as me and has also received a lot of attention. That’s fine with me.

I don’t hit the most impressive shots or the fastest serves, I don’t have the most beautiful forehands or backhands, but after all I win a lot of games every season. Leaderboard is a system that shows how well you have done in the last 52 weeks.

Last year I won many matches, scored many points and was number 2 in the world. People will always find a way to criticize, whether it’s saying the road was easy or that I played this or that tournament.”

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