Coaching will be admitted to Wimbledon!

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Coaching will be admitted to Wimbledon! Coaching has entered the world of tennis with lead feet and doesn’t want to leave it anymore. Introduced in the Tour as a parenthesis, months of testing where the use of this practice was experimented in men’s tennis, it seems that it is now being extended: coaching also arrives at the All England Club.

Already seen in action at the 2022 edition of the US Open and at the Australian Open 2023, the other two Grand Slam tournaments have been reluctant to introduce this novelty, guilty of being against what tennis is in reality.

Chief Executive Richard Lewis in 2017 told ESPN: “We are philosophically very against it. We believe it is a gladiatorial sport, an individual sport; you go out on the court and the whole premise of tennis is that you’re on your own.”

Coaching will be admitted to Wimbledon!

Phrases that have however been lost in the wind, because now Wimbledon has also succumbed to this novelty. As ESPN reports and as confirmed by the Telegraph, the players present at the All England Club will be allowed to speak with the coaches present in their respective boxes.

Coaching will also be introduced at Wimbledon, but according to precise rules that have also been used for the other two Grand Slam tournaments. Some rules of conduct that tennis players and coaches must respect have been communicated, to clarify any type of doubt: the coaches must be seated in the seat that the organization has previously designated for them.

Coaching (both verbal and non-verbal) is permitted as long as it does not interrupt the game or create any obstacles for the opponent; verbal coaching can only take place when the player is on the same side of the pitch as his coach; non-verbal coaching (sign language) will be permitted at any time during the match.

Furthermore, verbal coaching can consist of a few words or short sentences, conversations are not allowed; coaches are prohibited from talking to their player in case the athlete leaves the field for any reason; Penalties and fines will continue to apply in case of abuse or misuse of the conditions.

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