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In 1903, James Allen came up with a concept that today we could summarize in two words: positive thinking. If we fully accept Allen’s words, we accept that our current life is the result of everything we have thought, and of everything that our mind has let in. If we are happy and fulfilled, it is because we have had thoughts of joy, fulfilment, visions, and ideals that we have courageously followed.

Similarly, if we are sad and dissatisfied, we have certainly had sadness and dissatisfaction in our thoughts: all our unhappiness first starting in our head and then came to be realised. By making this point of view our own, we become responsible for our life and the thoughts that we entertain.

This is not an innate ability, but it’s a skill we can learn and hold on to once we’re able to master it. It’s like deciding to invite only people we like, positive, cheerful, and full of energy to our home and literally closing the door on those who do not add value to our lives, bringing only negativity. Well, ‘you are what you think you are’ is an invitation to close the door even on unhealthy and unproductive thoughts.

When we realize that our mind is invaded by thoughts of victimhood, anger towards someone, and useless memories of the past, it is good to keep an alarm that goes off warning us that we are wrong. Saying stop to useless thoughts means welcoming good thoughts with open arms. To cultivate positive thoughts, we can help ourselves by reading a good book, watching an inspiring film, and listening to enlightened people: all of which are elements that will enrich the precious alchemy of our mind.

Our character is formed through the thoughts we let in

If we tune into a frequency that lets in good and closes the doors to evil, we give shape and nobility to our character and consequently, to our destiny.

We need to pay attention, notice when we are possessed by sick thoughts and reject them with determination. This is one way to become active in thinking, because most of the time “we are being thought about,” i.e., we let negative thoughts take over us, our time, and our energy.

We attract what we are intimately convinced of, neither more nor less

We find ourselves living in certain circumstances because our thoughts have led us right there. Chance does not exist, and our current situation reflects our inner world and an invitation to evolve in the direction of personal improvement.

Are we not satisfied with how our tennis is going? Did we win few matches or is our level not going up? Let’s do an honest analysis of our thoughts, of all the abstract contents that inhabit our heads and of which we are so often (if not always) unaware. Maybe we think it’s a bad time, that bad luck is to blame due to less-than-optimal draws, that the crisis won’t let go and so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

If we let these thoughts constantly occupy our minds, how can we give space to creativity, how can we have impulses to unblock the situation and go back up? We are already blocked from the start, we are not giving our best, we are not putting all our potential into play, because, deep down, we are convinced that it is not worth it.

If, on the other hand, our minds are focused on thoughts of abundance and growth, if we are convinced of the value of our tennis and of ourselves, we will take a series of actions that will bring very different results.

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