‘I have been very transparent with Novak Djokovic’, says expert

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Novak Djokovic’s adventure at Roland Garros ended in the worst way. The Serbian champion played a good tournament but had to surrender to a physical problem suffered during the match with Argentine tennis player Cerundolo.

Djokovic was injured at the beginning of the second set but nevertheless managed to hold on until the end even getting the match victory. A great performance, heroic from a physical point of view, but one that forced Nole to withdraw from the tournament the next day, leaving prematurely in the Quarterfinals and effectively communicating his forfeit as world number one.

Novak Djokovic © Getty Images Sport – Elsa


Djokovic could only go to the final (at least) to defend the lead but now had to leave the field to Jannik Sinner, the new world number one. Someone initially even questioned the physical condition of the Balkan champion, but immediately after the withdrawal they had to retract.

Djokovic after retiring immediately underwent meniscus surgery and will have to be out of action for some time: almost certainly Nole will have to miss the Wimbledon tournament.

Novak Djokovic could skip Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic underwent surgery on Wednesday to permanently resolve the meniscus problem he suffered during Roland Garros. The Serbian champion, who withdrew from the quarterfinals of the Parisian Slam, decided not to wait and proceed immediately so that he could recover as quickly as possible.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic © Getty Images Sport – Patrick Smith


Antoine Girometta, the doctor who operated on the tennis player, spoke to the microphones of L’Equipe and made resounding statements about the 24-time Slam champion: “There was a certain urgency, Djokovic had to be operated on right away.

Considering the injury I think what Djokovic did on the court was extraordinary, 99% of people would have gone to the emergency room”, Nole instead continued and even won his match after more than four and a half hours of challenge with Cerundolo.

Regarding the injury the doctor continued: “With his team and with Novak I was transparent, it will depend on how his knee reacts”. With Wimbledon starting on July 1st the presence of the Serbian tennis player appears very complicated at the moment.

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