I think he’ll win another Major

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Padraig Harrington, who will play at the PNC Championship together with his son, commented on Tiger Woods, against whom he will play. Harrington believes that Woods still has strength. “He’s struggling, the walk. You know, I’m like that.

I’m on the Champions Tour, I get to go in a cart, which is great. Tiger, if you can get him to the last nine holes of a tournament, I don’t think you’re going to have a problem,” Harrington said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com.

“And he looked good physically. As I said, he looked better at that match. So, you know, I’m not saying he “could be,” I actually believe he will be a danger. I think he’ll win another Major. The way I looked at him, I genuinely think he will be in contention.

And as I said, I’m sure he wishes every tournament he could play, if it’s like a Major, he’s going to have a chance.”

Tiger Woods

It will not be easy for Tiger Woods after the accident and injuries he had in his career.

However, many still believe that he is a great player. Woods will have to show that on the field. “Saw the numbers. Looking at the speed numbers. So I want to go and see it in person and see,” he said talking about Woods.

“Tiger, if he’s not in contention, I don’t know if he doesn’t lose interest, but when he got in contention in the Masters, everybody took note, as in the rest of the field took note. So Tiger knows if he can get himself into position, that he’ll raise his game and put a little bit of pressure and stress on the rest of the field.

I think he needs a little bit of physicality as in that ball speed. It’s just tough if you go out there against these young guys, there’s so many of them that they’re hitting it and they’re overpowering golf courses.

If you’re not somewhat able to keep up there, initially, I don’t think I would – you’re not doubting Tiger being good down the last nine holes, but the little bit of extra speed will help him because in the first 63 holes, that the last nine holes, you know, who would want to be coming down the stretch against Tiger, all these young guys, you know.

You know he’s capable of doing anything at that stage. And, yeah, I think he’s in a better position to get himself into that last nine holes.”

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