“I was in a place where I didn’t..”

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Lydia Ko, one of the best female golfers, decided to end her adventure with her coach, Sean Foley. Ko and Foley have had a partnership for two years, but the time has come to part ways. Ko took to Instagram to highlight how important Foley has been to her career.

“When I first met Sean, I was in a place where I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself and in my game. Over the past two years he has helped me evolve as a better player and person. Our time together was full of so much learning, laughter”.

– Ko wrote on Instagram.

David Leadbetter: I’m angry, I’m sad

David Leadbetter, who was her coach once, emphasized the importance of her parents’ role in her career. David believes that Ko is one of the greatest potentials, but he considers her parents as the main culprit.

“Her parents have a lot to answer for – a case of unbelievable ignorance. I’m angry, I’m sad because to me I know what she’s capable of doing. And to see her play like this, it’s just very sad to see.

I think her parents need to sort of let her go and do her thing.” – Leadbetter said for New Zealand’s Radio Sport. Every athlete needs freedom, and so does Lydia Ko. It is obvious that other factors play a big role in the development of her career, and her former coach is especially angry about that.

“She’s 21-22 years of age now. She could control her own career. She should know what’s best for her. She’s not a 12-year-old anymore. So they need to let her go, let her fly, let her leave the nest so to speak and find her own way. If she can do that, I mean, yeah, we could see Lydia back.”

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