Most of my losses came because of things going through my mind

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Stefanos Tsitsipas acknowledged the importance of good mental strength in tennis as he admits the majority of his losses happened because of “the things going through my mind.” Tsitsipas, 24, suggests the majority of Tour players are well-prepared physically, but the mental game is what is making the real difference.

Tsitsipas, ranked at No 4 in the world, has won at every level in tennis except the Grand Slam level. In the 2021 French Open final, Tsitsipas had a two-set lead over Novak Djokovic but then suffered a stunning collapse and lost the final in five sets.

“I haven’t lost many matches because of my physical condition; most have been because of the things going through my mind. Physically, many players are at the same level. I think [the difference] has to do a lot with mental preparation.

You need food for your body to be physically fit, but also food for your brain to be mentally fit. Tennis is a very mental sport,” Tsitsipas told The Red Bulletin.

Tsitsipas: I’m open to criticism

When Tsitsipas was younger, he was sensitive to criticism and didn’t like it that much.

Now that Tsitsipas is older and more mature, he has realized that taking criticism is one of the best ways to get better and improve. “That’s a tricky question. Criticism is important – I like receiving it.

When I was younger, I was very sensitive to it, but as I’ve got older I think it’s essential. It’s the only way you can achieve perfection. I mean, perfection doesn’t really exist, but you can get close.

That also comes with your attitude to what you do. If you do it with love and care, if you wake up every morning and do the best things to succeed in what you do, with people who are chasing that same dream, anything is possible.

With your mind, you can achieve everything you want in life. That’s where it all starts. It all starts with an idea,” Tsitsipas explained. In 2023, Tsitsipas’ two main goals will be to win a Grand Slam and reach the world No 1 ranking for the first time in his career.

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