Nick Kyrgios on social media: “I’m the best coach”

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Nick Kyrgios is one of the protagonists on the ATP Tour. Nick has always been among the protagonists of the circuit and at the same time many have pointed out that the athlete is in some ways wasted and that he could have done much more in the course of his career.

Great talent and a lot of recklessness, an athlete capable of beating all three members of the Big Three, defeating the best versions of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal and at the same time capable of losing against clearly inferior athletes.

Kyrgios seems to have finally found the right stability during the season, according to him primarily thanks to his now inseparable girlfriend Costeen Hetzy and he has found very interesting results, approaching his Best Ranking record and returning to the world Top 20.

In reality, as Nick repeatedly points out, Kyrgios’ numbers this year are from the Top -10: the athlete reached the Wimbledon final, only surrendering in the final to the Serbian champion Novak Djokovic, who was once his greatest enemy and who is now one of his best friends in the circuit.

A friendship that demonstrates the change of the tennis player, a difficult character that has changed and a career that seems ready to change. Upon his return Nick will play in his beloved Australia and is certainly among the outsiders for the final victory of the tournament, a tennis player who can 100% beat anyone.

Nick Kyrgios on social media explains: “I’m the best coach”

ATP formalized the candidates for the 2022 ATP Awards and among the various awards, the one that has not gone unnoticed concerns the role of best coach.

The candidates are Ferrero, Fontang, Ivanisevic, Russell and Christian Ruud and Kyrgios commented on these choices on social media with a funny curtain. Nick reminded everyone that he arrived without any coach in the Wimbledon final and that for this reason he is actually the coach of the year.

The message was accompanied by a laugh emoticon, but Nick proved to be competitive despite the absence of a coach, a social curtain that many followed and commented on, especially on Twitter.

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