“They called me a wh*re when I was 11”

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Former tennis player Jelena Dokic reached the semifinal of Wimbledon in 2000 as her career best, as well as winning 6 WTA titles. The former number 4 in the world has published a long post on Instagram in the last few hours where she clarified to everyone why she prefers to be a size 16 rather than a size 4 like her instead she was her in the early years of her career.

Several times in recent years Jelena, a former tennis player born in Serbia but a naturalized Australian, has discussed the physical and mental abuse she received from her father Damir. Over the years, the girl has accused this situation a lot and has reported traumas such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jelena confirmed that she too had thought about suicide over the years. Now the former champion seems to have made a definitive breakthrough, she works as a tennis commentator and has written the bestselling book Unbreakable.

Dokic has gained a lot of weight in recent years, completely changing her body and this has also led to an increase in cyberbullying and insults against her.

Jelena Dokic’s social post

Through her Instagram profile, Jelena has revealed a situation that often sees her as the protagonist and which concerns cyberbullying.

Here is an excerpt from her words on her social networks: “This is a very raw and honest conversation. I often hear about my body and my size, people wonder what happened to me and that they can’t even recognize me. Well let me tell you what happened.

I survived twice as a refugee, was bullied, lived in a house full of domestic violence until I was 15 and was beaten unconscious. I was physically and emotionally abused and was hit for the first time when I was 6 years old.

I was insulted as a wh*re already at 11 years old. I was forced to run away from home and came close to committing suicide. Despite this I think I have done quite well as a tennis player, as a writer, as a commentator and above all as a survivor.

So now I see these two images and I’ll tell you the difference. On the left is me in size 4, playing scared shitless, beaten and kicked all night. Here to the right I’m a size 16, survived it all and here I am healing from my trauma and thriving.

I think the face says it all, I always prefer size 16 if that means being happy.” Here is the former tennis player’s Instagram post:

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