“We need a super coach for Matteo Berrettini and Lorenzo Musetti”

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Matteo Berrettini and Lorenzo Musetti are not experiencing a great moment in the ATP Tour at the start of the season. Paolo Bertolucci expressed himself quite clearly on the two Italian tennis players in the column of the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

He explained: “It’s time for drastic choices for both of us. And with a word that cannot be taboo: super coach. That is, a highly qualified figure who supports the technical historians Vincenzo Santopadre and Simone Tartarini, providing players with a different perspective from which to look at their own tennis and that of their opponents.” Bertolucci then added as a further argument of his thesis: “It is not a question of disavowing the work done up to now, of totally cutting off the original roots (even if Sinner has done it), but of relying on a different thought that can complete and refine the path undertaken in recent years.”

Bertolucci on the super coach issue

According to the former Italian tennis player: “Even Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray at a certain point in their careers felt it was necessary to include a figure in the team who could provide new references.

The super coach, mind you, is not a guru called upon to overturn the player’s technical references, but rather a consultant who suggests the best management of the match, from its technical and psychological aspects, before and after.

Specifically, Santopadre for Berrettini and Tartarini for Musetti, who certainly deserves credit for having led the students to the top, would continue to take care of the daily work, equally fundamental in defining an all-round champion.

And every self-respecting revolution can also act more deeply, perhaps bringing new skills even in the delicate sector of athletic training.” Important responses are expected from the two Italian tennis players at the Miami Open, who will have to take advantage of the second US Master 1000 on hard courts to regain confidence and continuity in results. We recall many are criticizing Berrettini for the off-court events surrounding the Italian player.

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