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There has been a lot of criticism directed at Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay over the last few days. Slow play is the reason. As a result of today’s press conference, Cantlay confirmed that he has been made aware of this issue, but does not see any obvious problem with it.

In addition, Schauffele took the time to respond to the criticisms made regarding the slow play. Xander explained his approach and emphasized the point. “All the things that have happened as of late have all been within the guidelines of the Tour and what’s supposed to happen,” Schauffele said, as quoted by skysports.com “No one’s been penalised for slow play or anything of that nature, so we’re all operating within the framework of what the Tour gives us.

If enough people complain or if enough Tour pros complain, that’s something the Tour needs to address to either make it faster or change the time par. Without any context, it gets tricky because when you set up golf courses with Stimp 13 or 14 greens, tees in interesting positions, and pins in tough spots, it’s just going to take longer.”

Xander Schauffele talks about money

Schauffele emphasized that he and the others are playing for big money and that sometimes extra time is needed for complete focus.

“We’re not playing like the local muni that sort of the average Joe compares our time par to. We’re playing for a couple million – you know, $3.6 million. If you’re going to spend an extra minute to make sure you put yourself in the right spot, we’re going to do it.

That’s just the nature of our game and our sport.” In some situations, you need to consider your next step carefully before deciding what to do next. As time goes on, we will have to see if this trend continues into the future and if this will cause Cantlay and Schauffele any problems in the future.

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